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need for protection when dimensional traveling

The joys of bubble transport...

One of the most important, no, vital processes of dimensional travel is protection, especially astral travel or 4th dimensional forays. The 4th dimension can be a dangerous place, especially now in post-pandemic times, as it is the realm of negative entities and over-populated now with all those poor souls who ‘died suddenly’ after receiving the mRNA gene therapy injections.

It seems they are not aware of their demise and are very confused as to their status.

All will gravitate to bright light, thinking it is the way home. During meditation one produces a lot of light and so are open for attachments so the discombobulated can regain life.

They are not to blame for their confusion, but it is prudent to protect your life force.

Unfortunately, they cannot be helped out of their conundrum for their soul energy has been harvested already, though I feel so much compassion for these people...not so those feeding on the energy of fear and consternation of their harvested fearful humans. Safety is in a protective bubble of intentional vibrational energy.

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