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Let's have a chat

Need to have a quick yarn to resolve a pressing issue? Or, do you want to talk about your situation before making an appointment?


Other than just making a call - 0413 157 358 - this is the quickest way to schedule a call with me.


If it seems we need to do some work above this, then you can schedule a full appointment. But, for 15 minutes or so, this one's on me.

Use the link below to "book a call" or send me an email



Martin Worth

The Mystic Fool is a Podcast where we explore spiritual concepts and popular spiritual beliefs. I would imagine that if you were drawn to this website that you're seeking to connect to your authentic self; your essential nature, seeking happiness and the peace that comes from within. Click on the image to see the Mystic Fool on Spotify

tranquility circle is a weekly ’on line’ guided meditation suitable for anyone who wishes to connect with Spirit. We meet on-line each Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time (Australia) Please click on the image above for more information,


My YouTube channel has some great meditation and instructional videos and also hosts all of the mystic fool podcasts. Click on the image to take a look.

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