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I’ve had a healing session…. now what?

First up!

Every healing session includes the option of a catch-up call to see how you’re integrating the healing energies. This is a free call, usually up to 30 minutes, and can be made by calling me directly or making a booking with the ‘book a free call’ link below.

After a healing session it is important to keep your 'vibe' up.  Drink plenty of water, get rest and avoid negative situations as much as possible.

It is also extremely helpful to re-imagine the energy that you felt as the healing was activated.

Here are some suggestions and a couple of alternatives to assist you to keep your vibe high.....


If you'd like to have a chat about Dreamtime Healing, just click on the image to book a free call. For 15 minutes or so, this one's on me. Blessings Martin Worth

tranquility circle is a weekly ’on line’ guided meditation suitable for anyone who wishes to connect with Spirit. We meet on-line each Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time (Australia) Please click on the image above for more information,

The Mystic Fool is a Podcast where we explore spiritual concepts and popular spiritual beliefs. I would imagine that if you were drawn to this website that you're seeking to connect to your authentic self; your essential nature, seeking happiness and the peace that comes from within. Click on the image to see the Mystic Fool on Spotify


My YouTube channel has some great meditation and instructional videos and also hosts all of the mystic fool podcasts. Click on the image to take a look.

Continue your healing journey

Often an issue is cleared in one healing session.  Equally often, clients realise that they  want to continue to move forward with their lives and to clear other minor issues and even to get clarity on their life's purpose.

Continuing your healing journey is a great investment in your quality of life.

If you book and pay for 3 sessions, you are entitled to a $75.00 discount on the third session.


Ordinarily, the full discounted price should be paid prior to attending the first session. However, if you would like to take advantage of this offer, when you book your next session, within 2 weeks* of the first one, you can pay for two sessions at $275.00. (instead of $350.00)


* To ensure energetic continuity follow-on sessions should be booked within 2 weeks of each other.

Create the life you love

Now that you’ve cleared your immediate issues and are feeling a little more settled, you may wish to benefit from a ‘Working with Magic and Flow’ session.

Magic & Flow is a program that is designed to put you in touch with your intuition and, through a series of techniques, to allow you to realise your life's purpose.


Magic is a process of creation; directing energy for a required outcome. Some call it synchronicity. Some call it miracles. Either way, it will occur. Everyone can do this; you just need to know how.


The objective of ‘working with magic and flow’ is to assist you in connecting with your essential nature through strengthening your knowledge and capabilities to create the life you love. It’s can be little bit shamanic and definitely includes tips on working with spirit and etheric energies.


When we are in magic and flow, we are in tune with our highest good and connected with the flow of universal energy.


Working with magic and flow sessions are held as a distance session by phone or zoom and are 60 minutes duration.


The cost is $150.00 per session, or $300.00 for 3 sessions.

Connect to your essential nature

You are a multidimensional being in a multi dimensional world..... I offer training and coaching in Spiritual Disciplines and techniques to assist you to connect to your essential nature.

True peace, calm and happiness can be yours by adopting just a few simple techniques.


To begin, you may wish to join our meditation circle, or have a listen to the "Mystic Fool" podcast, or the YouTube channel (see below).


Alternatively, why not book an in person or distance session so that we can begin your journey to true peace and happiness.

Join my YouTube channel

There are heaps of great meditations on my YouTube channel that are guaranteed to keep you vibe up.

Check out the 'tranquillity' weekly meditation circle

'tranquillity circle' is a weekly, on-line meditation circle that is suitable for anyone who wishes to connect to Spirit

‘Tranquillity circle’ is a heart-based meditation suitable for anyone who seeks a deeper connection to Spirit; to seek guidance and knowledge from the universal mind.


Tranquillity is a deeply transformative yet gentle, safe and grounding shamanic journey home to encounter your authentic self, let go of energies that no longer serve you and to redeem your personal power.


The intent of each meditation will vary depending on what energy there is on a particular evening.


Group meditation is the single most effective way to keep your vibe up, so I encourage you to attend as often as you can.

Follow  the Mystic Fool PodCast

The "Mystic Fool" is a Podcast where we explore spiritual concepts and popular spiritual beliefs.

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