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As we progress in life, by deliberate or implied consent we create attachments, agreements and even entrapments with persons, corporations and entities in the physical and in the spiritual realm.

It's a good idea to clear these from time to time, and when feeling 'set upon' or held back.

Declaration of Sovereignty - Simple form

Here is a simple declaration to get you started

"I ______ choose not to be altered or effected in any way, on any level or dimension, from this point forward and for future cycles of time"

and, to break ties

"I _______ hereby break all vows and agreements on all levels and dimensions across all time and space with any and all energies that have not mastered unconditional love.  May all known and unknown negative energies, ties and bonds, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular memory be found now.  May they be opened, loosened and removed by the love. light and healing wisdom of my divine Spirit".

Understanding the depths and dimensions of the Spiritual world beyond the veil is imperative to remain free and clear in these times..... I invite you to join me in a course in Spiritual Mastery

Declaration of Sovereignty

Herein, I rescind and break, on all levels and all dimensions for past, present and future cycles of time, all contracts whether implied or actual with any and all entities, inter-dimensional, draconian, reptilian, alien or other, whether religious, governmental or other; made whether by default, affirmation or affiliation.

I rescind the right of any person, representative or entity to interfere or impede my free right of passage and right to peaceful enjoyment of this earth; my birthright.

I affirm my rights as a free man to travel this land, settle, traverse or squat. I agree to do so with respect of the privacy and safety of those others who may cross my path provided that those others do not attempt to invade or entrap or impede my freedom on any level or dimension. Should they do so, they will be removed.

So be it!

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