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Trouble getting and keeping work

Past life trauma triggered

The client was concerned that although she does a good job, is friendly and outgoing to her bosses and clients but that she keeps getting treated badly and eventually given fewer and fewer hours on the roster.

Spirit indicated that this issue was based on self-consciousness. The issue was triggered in this life by being embarrassed at school by a boy who liked her and sang a love song to her in front of the class. She felt special but 'on the spot'. This resulted in a decision to "hide who I am”. (leading to the work issues)

Note: We each may have reacted differently to the same situation. But, where did this reaction come from? what set this up?)

Spirit took us to a previous life, where at a similar age, she was offered as a sacrifice (similarity here is the desks at school were in a circle and she in the middle). Her reaction to the sacrifice was “I’m special, I’m the chosen one”. So, with this dimension of the sacrifice activated, it’s not hard to see why the client was having trouble in situations where she was the centre of any attention let alone at work. Also easy to see why she might be having her hours cut, ‘sacrificed’, for other workers.

Result: four months later client has two good jobs and a great boss.


Taking on the mother’s burden

The client was able to literally, ‘sleep the days away’, sleeping for up to 12 hours at a stretch and feeling that she’s missing out on life generally as a result.

Spirit took us to an event at 6 months old where the client was in her cot, Mum was smoking drugs and blowing the smoke into her face to make her sleep. Physically the client was feeling sleepy and tired (effected by the drugs). Emotionally she was feeling anxious, hurt and lonely. We released these emotions to find a deeper level of concern. Here’s what we found.

“Mum’s troubled. I’m worried about Mum. She wants me to go to sleep, she doesn’t get enough time on her own. Sleeping will fix the problem

In this instance it was necessary to treat the dimension in three ways

  1. Neutralise the effect of the drugs
  2. Return the projection of the Mother’s needs to the mother
  3. Clear the program that “sleeping will fix the problem”

Result: three months later, the client is sleeping normally and is able to get up when she chooses to.


The power of suggestion

Spirit indicated the cause is in this life at the age of 5 and is associated with the emotion, “shattered”.

Spirit took us to a time where her sisters are teasing her because she was fatter than them. "They’re singing fatty fat songs at me! It made me feel like eating. Eating makes me feel better”.

In aboriginal lore, singing a person can have a great effect on them, even leading to death. It’s a form of curse. I treated this as a psychic projection and send it back for the sisters to deal with.

Result: 3 months later. Client is making better food choices with eating and feeling great

Hip pain gone

The pain of an Ansector

The client had experienced hip pain for many years. Even a hip replacement operation did not cure the pain. Spirit indicated that the pain was due to an ancestral issue that manifested in the first month of life.

Spirit took us back to the first month of life. "It’s dark. I’m sleeping. I wake up. No one’s there. My leg is aching. I’m scared, nervous". We clear this dimension and Spirit indicates that the cause belongs to the ancestral line of the mother.

I called on the Spirit of the Great grandmother and immediately the client’s leg pain became intense. As we cleared the grandmother's pain issues of trust and security surfaced. These linking to the feelings of insecurity in the cot.

The leg pain belonged to the Great Grandmother.

Result: The client offered a review four weeks later: “I had a HK session with Martin in June. I had been suffering with Hip pain for many years. Within 2 days of my session, my hip pain was totally gone. I also feel more relaxed and happy in my life. Thank you so much Martin”

Thank you Spirit


Ancestral trigger

Other than the physical pain, the client discussed that the Fibromyalgia affected him in the following ways:

  • Not knowing whether it was going to be a good or bad day
  • It effects relationships and work
  • Tries to do the right thing but feels attacked

Spirit indicated that the first activation was at age 18 when he was working in a warehouse, cutting up boxes. The dust was getting into his skin. Making him feel like he’s being poisoned. “I hate being here, I want to be outside”. I cleared this dimension and neutralised the effect of the dust and any chemicals associated with it.

Spirit then indicated the source of this issue as being ancestral; belonging to the Father’s Mother’s Mother at age 16: She’s outside, “I feel misunderstood. I’m trying to escape from my parents arguing. I’m hypersensitive to everything. I have a tingling feeling in my chest”. This was the source of the effect of the Fibromyalgia.

Result: Some months later the client posted on Facebook, “I have had success with removing one of my most painful conditions, and that was enlarged lymphatic nodes. Spirit took me back in time to when the trauma occurred and that was when I was a store man for a company working with entering the stock and running the delivery/post system. In that time I was exposed to toxins from plastics and materials which gave me severe flares of pain. We worked to clear the frequencies of those toxins and to avail, I barely suffer pain in my lymphatic system. Spirit did not hesitate in taking me to the exact moment of exposure”.

Sinking feeling of dread

Past life memories of death affecting the present

Client expressed a ‘sinking feeling of dread’ that came over him each time he drove back to the city as the city skyline came into view. This was also associated with hospitals and ‘institutions’.

Spirit indicated, That the issue was first activate in this life at age 3, linked to the emotion: ‘suffocate’. The client had the sensation of waking up, "in his cot", struggling with the blankets, feeling trapped, panicked and with a feeling of dread. After clearing this dimension, Spirit indicated that the issue was a past life experience. Spirit took us back, 124 past life’s to Egypt where the client was in a room where priests were embalming the ‘master’. “All the servants have to go too. I’m waiting my turn to be ‘done’. It’s dreadful waiting. Seeing others go, screaming, cloths stuffed in their mouths”. The client felt scared, angry and trapped. His last thoughts, “ I hate this place and anything to do with them”

Result: After clearing this dimension the client is now no longer triggered and feels a greater sense of control in his life.

A ‘Shy’ client

Animal Spirit

The client came to me after having just quit his job due to stress. “No one listens to me! Why do I allow myself to be so easily influenced?”

Spirit indicated to go first, to the time of birth. The client could hear his Mum and Dad fighting and finds this confusing and off putting. The associated emotion is ‘innocent’ so this makes sense; how more innocent can you be than at the time of birth? The thought process he locked in is questioning: ‘why are they arguing?’. This dimension thereby had (on one level) set up a dislike of arguing and triggered the response to avoid arguments; in his words, ‘I shut it [arguing] out’. This in itself makes sense, and you could be tempted to leave it at that, but Spirit took us deeper, to the real cause of the issue…..

Spirit indicated, that the issue is linked to the client’s immediate past life and took us to a dimension of time where the client is a shepherd. “I’m in a field looking at a sheep. I’m hiding. There’s a village. Men on horses, killing people. I hide and wait for it to finish. I’m Scared. Confused. I see a red blotch on the head of the sheep. There’s a guy with a sword, he can’t see me. He chops off the sheep’s head with a sword. It makes no sense. It’s confusing. I’m scared. I hid; I did it. It’s my fault!” Spirit indicated that in taking responsibility for the sheep’s death that he had allowed the sheep’s spirit into his field. (Reciprocal exchange of energy). I call on the Spirit of the sheep… the sheep says, “stay hidden, they’re all going to die. The only way to be safe is to stay here and hide”. At this, the sheep is taken by surprise and is killed.I released the spirit of the sheep from the client’s field and Spirit indicates that the issue is now cleared.

Result: The client has ‘found his voice’. Ever since the session, he has been comfortable to ‘say it like it is’ and to not be swayed or to back down from situations that he would have been shy of in the past.

The client researched the symbol that he saw on the sheep’s head; it was an ancient symbol for sacrifice.

Feeling responsible

A past life debt

During the session regarding autoimmune disease, the client expressed that she, “felt a huge mountain of responsibility”. This was associated with another issue, but I asked Spirit if we could look at it. Spirit indicated to go ahead as this was the priority issue underlying the condition.

Spirit indicated that the emotion associated was indeed ‘responsibility’ (spot on). Activated at age 18 in this life when she had just realised she was pregnant with her first child - her eldest son. Her partner was ‘pissed off’. She felt Alone, angry, ashamed. Also stupid that she had put herself in that position where she had to shoulder the responsibility herself. I cleared that dimension, but it wasn’t the whole story; the real burden came from back in time….

Spirit indicated that the cause was many past lives back where she was a male, age 20.“People are dying. It’s the Colosseum. I feel so responsible! I was a soldier. I was captured. But I’m helping. I escaped death by assisting the masters. I feel hopeless, despairing and guilty. I wish I could make amends!”

We loop time and change it. But Spirit indicates that there are Spirits in the field of the client of those died because of her actions. (By wishing to make amends, she had allowed reciprocal exchange of energy and the spirits of those she that she helped to bring to their death).

This being the root cause of her feelings of responsibility.

Looking for love

A misguided Spirit from the past

The client expressed that the main issue, she was most distressed about was, in her words, “I can’t connect with, but want to find, my one true love".

In discussion, we noted that he feelings around this subject were;

  1. I feel condemned
  2. I want to move forward
  3. Life is like being back in school
  4. Everyone else’s needs need to be taken care of before mine can
  5. I don’t matter
  6. I’ll never be the right person until I meet the right person

During the session Spirit indicated that the underlying issue was an assumption that had been made as a result of the incidents that occurred when she was 2 months old. Her Dad had been crushed by a car and all of the family's attention went toward him. There were 2 primary points that arose from that dimension;

  1. a thought process was locked in that: ‘I can’t have what I need until everyone else is cared for’ which compounded into an assumption that “ I’ll always be last to be looked after, I’ll never have what I want”.
  2. a Psychic projection of Anger, Terror and Judgement coming from Mum and G’ma, that she was an impediment to their looking after Dad.

Clearing this dimension alone addressed most of the dot-points above, but Spirit had more for us; (often when adverse circumstances occur in early life they are a result of past life actions). I asked Spirit, what set this up? Spirit sent us to a past life many lives previous, where the client had been betrayed by her tribe and left as a sacrifice to be raped and beaten and killed. ‘I’m hurt over and over and over. I’m betrayed, how can I trust anyone again!” In clearing the trauma and dimension of death it became apparent that the client had called in a spirit to protect her from her assailants. Having ‘failed’ in that task, the spirit was today still trying to protect her from people whom it perceived may be a threat…… (practically everyone it seems).

Within days of the session, the client met new friends….. I’m waiting to see if she finds that one….

Back pain gone

Past life assumptions manifesting in the present

Prior to the session, the client used the phrase “you just do what you do” several times; this was actually the key to the issue.

Spirit took us to a time when he was outside putting up a fence. “I’ve got to do this for the old fella”, “you just do what you do”. “We just had our first daughter. I’m worried. She has bad colic. Not getting much sleep. I’m on edge. Felling bad for my wife. I have to get home early to take the pressure off her”. The keys here are, working alone. Under some emotional pressure yet having to complete the job.

I brought the client up the timeline to where the back first became sore, at age 40, He’s lifting a heavy beam. “This is crazy. We’re bent over under a house no lifting aids”.. rationalised by, “You just do what you do!”. At this stage the back pain became really bad in present.

We released the assumption of having to complete a task regardless of personal consequences and ask Spirit to take us to the source of this programming.

Spirit indicated a past life. Male, age 40. The client sees a farm house. Wheat fields. Preparing for the harvest. “We harvest by hand. We don’t have many tools. There’s a storm coming. If we don’t get the wheat in it’ll be destroyed and we’ll have no food”. Associated emotions are, worried, panicked, scared combined with the necessity to complete a task regardless….. Spirit indicates the source of this program is an external entity (based on panic and fear); after releasing the entity, Spirit indicated that the issue is resolved.

Result: the client has no more back pain. He was scheduled for an operation to deaden the nerves, this he cancelled. He is now again motivated to do things. Took the dog for a walk which is something that he hadn’t done for years because of the pain. I received an email from him; “I have suffered Back pain for 25 yrs. I had made an appointment at the hospital to get injections in my back to try to relieve the pain. I decided to go and have a HK session with Martin. The day after the session with Martin, my back pain was completely gone and I cancelled the hospital appointment the same day. Thanks to HK and Martin."

Lack of confidence resulting in depression

Cycles of similarity

This issue of depression and lack of confidence had activated only recently; a few years back, but it's roots were in incidents earlier in this lifetime.

This issue spanned two sessions in which other issues were also cleared.

In the first session Spirit took us to age 14 where he’s out with friends racing cars on the mud flats along the sea shore. His brother ran over him when he was helping push start the car. He felt stupid and embarrassed. The brother was more worried that Mum would find out than to care about him. “Don’t you tell Mum!”. His brother blamed him, he felt destroyed, worthless; “I thought he was my best mate! He really disappointed me”. Imagine the coverup and hiding your injuries from your Mum at age 14….

A similar situation surfaced in the second session. In this case the key emotion was ‘destroyed’. Four years later, at age 18, he’s working on a car and his brother comes in “being a jerk” and tells him, that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. It seems that this was a common event causing the client to feel sad, pissed off, "it hurts". It made him feel stupid. These emotions were internalised as were the ones above.

When telling me about the issue prior to the second session, the client mentioned that he hadn’t felt motivated since he was working on a car some two years earlier. When he started the car, (but wasn’t seated in it), the car dragged him across the road. He ended up in hospital for some time. He felt stupid. The correlation between this situation and those above seems too much to be coincidental.

Past Life fear confirmed


The client had an issue of feeling the need to cloak herself from people and experienced a general lack of trust. Her life had a strong current of being stuck in other people’s realities.

Spirit indicated that the issue was triggered in this life at age 3 and associated with an emotion of fear. "I'm outside. Sitting in the grass. I see a snake. It looked at me. I’m frozen. It feels wrong. I don’t know what to do.

After clearing this incident, Spirit indicates the cause was 3 past lives ago. She is a female in her 20s. "I'm outside the castle wall. There are a few people in the fields. I like my life. Other people don’t like my life. They’re taking me away and locking me up. I died. I cried until I couldn’t cry any more. No one heard me. No one knew I was gone".

I cleared this dimension and Spirit indicated that the issue was cleared.

The client sent me an email a few days later: "Last night I opened the you tube page on my iPad and there was a suggested doco on Castles of England: Arundel. So I watched it. I found my life; Charles Howard was the Earl from the 1770s until his death in 1815. His first wife died in childbirth. He then Married Frances Fitzroy Scudmore, very wealthy orphan. He had a desire to turn the dilapidated castle into a party palace and she had money and a title. So he married her in 1771 and soon after having taken her money, had her declared insane and locked away for nearly 50 years until her death.... I was Frances and it was a long empty life of waiting. Everything was taken away. Thank God that isn't on my timeline anymore."

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