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tranquility circle

on-line each Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time (Australia)

‘Tranquillity circle’ is a heart-based meditation suitable for anyone who seeks a deeper connection to Spirit; to seek guidance and knowledge from the universal mind.

Tranquillity is a deeply transformative yet gentle, safe and grounding shamanic journey home to encounter your authentic self, let go of energies that no longer serve you and to redeem your personal power.

The intent of each meditation will vary depending on what energy there is on a particular evening.

Group meditation is the single most effective way to keep your vibe up, so I encourage you to attend as often as you can.

Access is by donation.

You can donate each single week or you can offer a recurring weekly subscription.

Attend as my guest

If you are unable to make a donation and would like to attend tranquillity circle, you are welcome as my guest, free of charge.

Once you register with the link below, you will be sent the zoom meeting details for this week



Offer a one time donation

Thank you, your donation is welcome. Your donation contributes to good will and helps to fund this valuable service.


Your donation is valid for one tranquillity circle attendance. You may use this option to donate each of the weeks that you wish to attend.


Please donate from your abundance, more or less as your case may be

Offer a weekly recurring donation

As a weekly subscriber you will receive

1. access to meditation recordings

even on those days that you miss the live meditation

2. a discount, on any healing session or coaching session..... equal to the amount that you have contributed in a month, redeemable on any session booked in the following month.

There is no prerequisite requirement for tranquillity meditations, you only need to find a place to sit comfortably and to not be disturbed for the duration - usually 60 minutes.

We use the Zoom video conferencing platform. If you haven’t used Zoom before, be sure to download the application well prior to the event time.

Zoom is easy to use, simply click on ‘join a meeting’ and type in the meeting ID and password that will be provided for you when you book in.


"The soul retrieval meditation was amazing... I drew back energy that I had lost and I'm now feeling fully myself again!"

"I had a wonderful experience in the meditation... I was grounded, at peace and wonderfully relaxed"


 "I am so completely blessed with the remarkable shifts that have occurred after yesterday's healing meditation. I want to say thank you from the depths of my heart for your gifted and potent healing and love to share this work and cant begin to express the depths to which I am grateful, but I hope these words touch that place in you that recognizes you are truly a Divine spark as you've helped me to see that 🙏😍

Thank you brother"

Watch one of the tranquility meditations on Youtube

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