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Many Lives Speak

A meditation journey

by Di Starick


This is not a book about how to meditate or lessons about spiritual practices. It is simply a journey through one perspective...mine. But there may be a few tips.

I am not trying to convince anyone of specific religious or spiritual beliefs...this is just how I see/visualise existence.

I have had an interesting life, this time around; a clue to where this is going……

Having never been disciplined enough to being engaged in any meditative practice until several years ago, (any foray into meditation was fraught with some nasty encounters in the realms of what one could only call ‘evil entities’), I was reluctant when asked if I would like to join an online meditation. I was acquainted with most of the people so felt safe.

I was invited to meditation on a weekly basis with Martin Worth in his established meditation group using ‘Zoom’ online; it is called Tranquillity Circle….. I could use some of that!!

I found the meditation very easy, there was so much to be explored.

Previously, without any training or knowledge of other realms or dimensions, I had been remote viewing, communicating with spirits, contacted by entities from anywhere, protected children from negative entities and generally just ‘doing it’ on my own.

But this was very different; interacting with other souls and beliefs. We underwent some spiritual training first, gaining some understanding of the realm I had been exploring for many years. Then within the group, I began writing and sketching what I was seeing in that meditative realm, then later drawing as accurately as I could, but allowing spirit to guide my hands.

This is in no way the complete works of my interpretation, but a quick glance into how I perceived the communications from ‘higher self’ during this process and interpretation of the images.

Thank you Martin

A foreword from Martin

When I met Di in South Australia in 2019, I felt an immediate rapport. Little was I to know that our journey together would produce such results!

Through Di’s beautiful artwork and her associated no nonsense text, “Past Lives Remembered” is a powerful work for two reasons;

First; Di has showcased the power of group meditation.

For even though these meditations were conducted by distance, on-line, with persons spread across the country and in some instances, across the globe, she has captured the essence of each perfectly and in great clarity.

My favorites being ‘into space’ where I’m sure Di’s astronaut encounter was legitimate as we left the planet temporarily.  And in ‘interesting entities’ where Di burst forth with a litany of dragon speak.

Secondly, in part two of the work, Di has captured perfectly, the transition that can be achieved through Spiritual Healing practices such as Lemurian Healing and intuitive healing practices.

Calling this the ‘intervention’ Di is referring directly to the process of revealing the root cause of an issue (in this case past life memories). Then in recognition of the past, transmuting the pain of those memories by replacing them for a more agreeable outcome (as in the ‘castle’, the ‘village).

But Di took the healing one step further, in realisation of the actual scenario as in Pompeii, South America, Atlantis, Di was able to step into her power as a healer where in each past  life she had been held back from fulfilling her destiny. This resulted in the freeing of many trapped Souls who were previously caught, suspended in time and space, awaiting release.

Such is the ability of healing in this age; to heal the past, in the present, for the future.

Di is an incredibly intuitive woman who is well able to navigate the world beyond the veil.

Although I have been the catalyst for many of these meditations and healings, I take no credit for Di’s representation of the work in this beautifully crafted presentation.

Thank you Di, back you you......

Part 1. Is a collection of some of these drawings along with an interpretation.

Part 2. Entailed a surprise result from a Lemurian healing meditation. But, instead of a scanning healing process, I went directly to past life memories and the impact of those lives on my health today. The connection has been surreal to say the least and I am learning more of my soul contract as each past life is revealed with some interesting outcomes.

So, let’s enter the portal, shall we? I will speak in the first person for that is me...

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