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What is Dreamtime Healing?

Dreamtime is similar to that state somewhere between sleeping and waking that we all experience from time to time. That moment on waking, or falling asleep, when random thoughts run through our minds.

Sometimes we gain insight, we process in that state, but often we do not have the ability to guide the process to a conclusion.

When accessed with intent, Dreamtime is a state of being in which we can affect healing, even over great distances. In Dreamtime, we can commune with all sentient beings in nature; the elements, plants, animals and what some may call Spirits. In Dreamtime, we have the ability to create reality. Reality that manifests in the physical world. Dreamtime has no bounds.

It is in Dreamtime, that we access the Spirit world, where the interconnection between all events becomes clear. The cause and effect linking current day issues with past events can be traced and rectified. Just like the links shown in the picture on this page; if you can imagine the circles as events in time and the squiggly lines as timelines, then perceive the picture as a whole as being the fabric of your life; then you're seeing an example of Dreamtime. Every event throughout time that you have witnessed is interconnected with the present version of you.

In a Dreamtime Healing, I will guide you in Spirit to the very moment where the issue that is troubling you was first created, there it can be resolved, and as a result you will become well.

Issues that have been cleared..

Of the many people that I have helped, these are top 8 issues that they presented with.


#1 Emotional stress incl Anxiety and Depression

#2 Situational (life) issues

#3 Physical pain and suffering

#4 Relationship issues

#5 Addictions & Medications

#6 Workplace related

#7 Money issues

#8 Traumatic abuse


Be assured that you can be cleared of any issue that is troubling you.

Past life regression, Ancestral healing, Entity removal, Energy healing, Chakra balancing; Dreamtime healing with Holographic Kinetics, healing the past in the present for the future

Specialising in;
  • Past life regression
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Entity removal
  • Astral clearing
  • Chakra balancing

We are Spiritual beings, experiencing a human existence  ..

Dreamtime Healing is a uniquely effective healing modality that acknowledges that we are Spiritual beings living in an earthly reality.

The world’s indigenous peoples worked in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth and with all lifeforms. Through the understanding of and communication with the Spirits of animals, trees, rocks, water they understood that all of nature is alive.  Spirit, is the life force within everything. 

Dreamtime Healing acknowledges these traditions in that;

  • sickness, whether physical, emotional or mental, is simply a manifestation of a created reality
  • we are responsible for the manifestation of our created realities
  • there are no limitations within the manifestation of creation
  • the past, sets up the present and repeats into the future
  • time is a construct that is irrelevant in Spirit
  • we are not limited to this physical dimension
  • we have the ability to be in more than one place at the same time
  • we have the ability to move through time
  • we can draw illness out of the body 
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