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Lemurian Healing

Lemurian Healing is a simple, practical energy healing technique that weaves ancient healing wisdom with heart-centered client care. Because it taps into universal love and light and actively engages the higher selves of both the healer and the healee, Lemurian Healing facilitates healing on four levels simultaneously—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. - quoted from

Here’s how it works; When the energy systems of the body are out of alignment we experience feelings of dissatisfaction and disharmony and, as this manifests in the physical, symptoms of disease appear.

Lemurian Healing is able to effectively balance these energy fields to bring about harmony in body, mind and Spirit. As a result, life will also fall into balance and physical symptoms will ease.

A healing can be given either in person or by distance. If you would like to receive a healing...... either in person or by distance just message me from the link below. You’ll love it!

Lemurian Healing is effective as a Distance Healing Modality if you are unable to attend in person

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