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Bridging two worlds…

I had an email from a client last week that went like this…….. “At present, I feel as if I am bridging two worlds - on the one hand I feel a sense of doom and often horror about what is happening in the world. On the other hand I sense peacefulness, the likes of I which I have never experienced before; healing energy a place where I can sense that ones being and beliefs can create a new reality - 5D I guess”.

Bridging two worlds - that’s an accurate description of what many of us are experiencing of late…..

Particularly since the solstice last December, there are new energies circulating. There was an activation of energy unlike any that we are used to being exposed to. (Here’s a link to a post that I shared about this last year (before to solstice)


The curious thing about these new energies is that they hold an upper and a lower sideband* (a harmonic frequency). This is the bridge of the two worlds. We will be attracted to either sideband depending on our orientation. The upper sideband being resonant of the frequency of love, gratitude and compassion; the energy of Spirit. The lower sideband being resonant of the doom and horror.

* In radio communications, a sideband is a band of frequencies higher than or lower than the carrier frequency, that are the result of the modulation process.

As they say, ‘you can’t serve two masters’. So, in the tension, a person will entrain to the energy that they resonate mostly with.


The answer is however (firstly) to not get caught up in the drama.  To do this, we must accept the status quo as being a necessary part of the human evolutionary experience and then clear the triggers (emotions etc) that we are presented with within ourselves.... ie Acknowledge what is it that ‘gets’ you about it and clear the why.

Secondly, raise your own vibration. Mechanisms for this are;

  1. maintain a meditation practice
  2. connect with like minded people
  3. disconnect from sources of angst
  4. and, of course clearing your triggers (as above)

Thirdly; project love and grace to the collective consciousness and in so doing raise the collective energy. In doing this we contribute to strengthening the ‘upper sideband’ not the lower. In doing this we become a part of the force for good. And, if there is a global shift (another topic), you will be on the bus to 5D not left behind to run this cycle over again.

It's imperative to clear your field of attachments to the lower sideband...

I can help. please feel free to enquire about the weekly mediations and to make an appointment or have a chat


Martin Worth

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