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Cosmology of the Soul


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The study of the nature and origin of the universe, particularly in the context of human origins, we are concerned with ‘from whence we came’ and the constituent parts of which we as human beings are made up of.

We know from sub-atomic physics that everything is energy. We now know that the particles that compose an atom are not merely physical components but are in effect frequencies of vibration that in probability are likely to be found in proximity of a ‘nucleus’. We also know that the presence of an observer can affect the outcome of an experiment. (double slit, carl sagan’s computer model). This leads us towards a conclusion that reality can be (in fact is) affected by our vibration; by our perceptions and beliefs.

The material world is in effect, a series of vibratory frequencies forming a pattern that makes sense to our senses.


The terms, Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, the Divine, Genius, God and Gods etc are all terms used in many cultures to explain the cosmology of the earthly experience of humankind.

At the base of most Spiritual (religious) teachings are fundamental concepts that are common. Reference to a higher power. Reference to our being ‘lost’, ‘in sin’ in this world. Reference to a way of salvation. In effect they all follow a cycle that has been come to be called the ‘hero’s journey’ -separation, initiation, return, service.

But, more importantly, when we explore religions (particularly indigenous Spirituality) we notice some interesting similarities;



•Return to consciousness


These are often centred in a nature-based celebration of the cycles of nature, life and death, and the fundamental elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether.

More so, the union of polarities; Yin & Yang, Light & Dark, Male & Female, Shaki & Shiva, Father Sky & Mother Earth are prevalent in both the origin of the world stories and in the striving for enlightenment pathways of these cultures.


I have found from my dealings in other worlds of Spirit particularly in my healing journey that there appear to be four major constituent parts to the human cosmology.

1.The Body

2.The Soul

3.The Spirit and

4.The Higher Self


There is no denying, whether vibratory or not; you are you. This body is your vehicle to navigate this world. The basis of your body is now known to be your DNA. Your DNA is the sum total evolution of the ancestral lines of the Mother and the Father. In effect; you are the evolutionary pinnacle of the past experiences of every being that has shared the DNA of your body throughout the history of the human race.

But, if just a body, where does your personality, thoughts, feelings and beliefs fit in? These are surely, more than just flesh and blood…. There is a saying, “hand me a thought”…. The same can be said for an emotion; fear, envy or love…. You can’t, yet it is as real to you as would be a visible physical attribute.

So, where do these non-physical aspects reside. Some would conject they are a chemical reaction of sorts, but really? Perhaps that is the end result of a train of thought – a chemical reaction to instigate a muscular response – definitely, but I state that that is the end of a process not the whole.

There is a system that I believe accurate in that we have energy centres, Chakras, that in combination with interactions with our physical body (organs, glands, meridians etc) also connect into our auric field – the energeric sheath that surrounds our physical form. Evidence of the aura can be seen in instances where a person is extremely angry and you can feel tangible dark energy emanating from them (the ‘little black cloud’) or when in the presence of someone who is extremely compassionate whom you feel you can trust and want to know better.

These energy fields (in combination with our physical form) comprise the Soul


In this life, you are a Soul. Your Soul is the sum total of all of the experiences that you (as a being on this planet) have been subject to from conception to now. All of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, in effect; your personality, comprise your Soul.

Soul is also the manifestation of the ancestral line down through time.

As a Soul, you record and assimilate all of the experiences of this life. Your Soul is the sum of your genetic memory and life experience which defines who you are today.

In this life, you are the manifestation of Spirit, a spark of Divine consciousness, incarnated into this world for the sole (soul) purpose of experiencing this mortal molecular world for the evolution of your Spirit.

Spirit is your true nature and, when you pass from this life, you will return to Spirit.


Spirit is evolving through time and space through the octaves. Spirit is in a parallel dimension between lifetimes not in a physical dimension. Spirit comes in at the moment of conception, it is linked to the heart, the spark of life, thus the heart Chakra is the bridge between the lower physical energies and the higher spiritual energies of the Soul. Spirit is your personal connection to the parallel dimensions between lifetimes, the Divine.

Spirit chooses the vehicle (body) and ancestral line that it needs to rebalance the imbalances of dimensions created through its experiences in time. Spirit is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent, universal, eternal, immortal and infinite. In Spirit, all things are connected through time and space. Time is irrelevant, all lifetimes of Spirit exist at once.

Spirit, your Spirit, has had many past (and futures) lifetimes. In each lifetime it was a different Soul. Thus, in a past life (or future life) you were not yourself, but another, male or female, experiencing a different parentage, time and circumstances.

Your Spirit evolved through time and space is that which we refer to as our Higher Self.


As Spirit evolves through the Octaves* it assumes many Soul instances. We are largely aware of past lives as human, yet we can though specific forms of therapy, access our past lives (usually) up to two octaves back – plants and animals. We can also access future lives, although understanding of future lives ahead of this current octave of Human form can be hard to comprehend and are often translated as being Divine or God-like in nature.

The key to understanding Higher Self is to understand that ALL of the Soul instances of your Spirit are concurrent, outside of time. Every incarnation of your Spirit (of which you are one instance) are all active. Time is a constraint that is only valid in this particular reality.

So, imagine that your Spirit, evolved in its highest form is currently available to you for guidance – this guidance is your Higher Self; you, in Spirit, evolved beyond this space time dimension. Some would call this God, but you are God. God is within you, God is you. You are manifestation of the Divine.

The God in you, your Higher Self, sent you to this earth, this time, with those parents for a purpose. That purpose is your life Blue-Print.


Just as your DNA provides the blueprint for your physical form, so Higher Self chose a blueprint for this life journey. You know when something feels right, that Deva Vu feeling; you’ve been here before. The path that unfolds before you without effort, coincidences that come from nowhere. At these times you feel that you’re on the ‘right’ path.

Similarly, we know when something doesn’t feel right.

Our blueprint for this life can be explained most clearly by imagining it as a plan for a holiday. You have your destination picked out. You have your tours booked. You have your accommodation and flights sorted. Pretty much, you know what you’re going to do….. Then the fun begins, planes are delayed, the luggage goes astray, hotels are 3 star not 5 etc…. That’s life. It’s how you cope with it that makes it ok, or not. But the best stories are about the things that went ‘wrong’, am I right?

So, we have a plan. It is said that it is activated by connecting with Higher Self, through Spirit.

Higher Self is sending you messages all the time. All you have to do is listen…. Actually, you’ll need to know how to tune into your intuition. But that’s another teaching.


As a Soul we are individual, isolated from one another other than in physical proximity. In Spirit, we are interconnected with everything through all time and space but, we are individually, still separate as Spirits. However, our Higher Self exists at an octave where it is interconnected with all other Higher Selves. It is through Higher Self that we can access other Higher Selves and as a result connect to other Spirits.


So, there we have it; the cosmology of the Soul. This overview was formulated over many client sessions, many sessions where I have assisted people to clear past (and future) lives, clear ancestral memory, clear patterns assumptions and beliefs.

Also, with consultation form peers and teachers, it would be remiss not to acknowledge particularly my good friend David Bower the founder of Lemurian Healing.  And, to make mention Steve Richards the founder of Holographic Kinetics with whom I have spent some time in formulation of these terms.


(Adapted as an example for explanation)

Spirit is evolving though time and space, this is the purpose of life, for Spirit to evolve.  In the beginning there was light, light is spirit, then as spirit moved through .the nine octaves, transmuting from Ether (gases) through Fire (heat) to Water (the first molecular form), to Earth (matter, solids and minerals), though stages of lifeforms (insects, plants, animals) and finally human form.


Martin Worth

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