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interesting entities

You never know who or what you will meet out there in meditation land.

One meditation session we had a visitor from Scotland. Lovely man. He began discussing dragons with Martin as they had both perceived a white dragon in a healing session.

Within the meditation, I felt and overwhelming energy of that dragon to communicate.

And so, I channeled ‘dragon’ speak. I found it very difficult to get my vocal chords and tongue around what I was hearing in my head, but I did my best. The power of that connection was amazing and something I will never forget. It was recorded.

The drawing above is that dragon who is now able to share at any time. Dragons are from a different dimension and there are m

any types with diverse functions, mostly to help mankind. They can be persuaded otherwise and have in the past been demonised for their natural instincts. A powerful tool no matter whose task they perform. I am grateful for and humbled to have had that special connection.

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