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dimensional colours

This is a feeble attempt at a visual interpretation of the brilliant colours of energy when the 4 directions and spirit merge.

As humans in this dimension we are extremely limited in what we can see of the full spectrum of the colour of life and space and everything. Our senses only perceive about 5% of it. Some of us can see more than that but even so it is limited. I don’t think our brains could cope with even 10% of what is really there.

I have been fortunate enough to get just an inkling, having from birth, been able to see energy around everything. I couldn’t understand why other people couldn’t be astounded at the trees emanating brilliant hues, especially after rain, or pick out the brilliant purple hues of the tiniest flowers in the grass, or see the rocks communicating with energy fields and trees chatting to each other. I have had visions of heavenly colours so vibrant that it knocked me to my knees.

I try.

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