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Men of Spirit

Men of Spirit is an opportunity for men to come together in circle. In these challenging times there is a need to connect that is not readily available in secular society.

The world’s indigenous peoples worked in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth and with all lifeforms. Through the understanding of and communication with the Spirits of animals, trees, rocks, water they knew that all of nature is alive.  Spirit, is the life force within everything;

The purpose of this Circle, is “to connect through acknowledging the Spirituality (Dreamtime) of the world's indigenous people, particularly Australia's First Nations people, to achieve a state of Sacred Masculinity”.

Sacred masculinity is that state of being in which we can be truly male; connected in oneness through the Mother (Earth) to all creation; connecting from a place of love and respect. Protector, Guardian, Provider. Honoring the women in our lives, walking side by side with all sentient beings, acting with compassion and gratitude.

“From Mother Earth you were born and to Mother Earth you shall return. Yet you are descended from Star Seed, connected through Spirit to Father Sky”

“From  Mother Earth you were born and to Mother Earth you shall return. Yet you are descended from Star Seed, connected through Spirit to Father Sky”

We hold a deep respect for our First Nations People. 

Our Spirituality sets us apart; spiritual development is paramount. Right way; based on connection to Indigenous Lore and accountability. 

Ceremony is our cornerstone; sharing, supporting, yarning, teaching, guided meditation, music, communication with Elders and with Spirit.

In the tradition of indigenous peoples world wide, I acknowledge Spirit; the life force within every sentient being.

I acknowledge Mother Earth and Father Sky. I acknowledge the ancestors Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

I acknowledge Australia's First Nations People on who's land we dwell. I acknowledge the Jinibara people of the Woodford area and surrounds and their Elders, past, present and future.

I acknowledge Uncle Ken MacKenzie, Adnyamathanha Elder and Lore holder to whom we owe our connection to country and the songlines of the Flinders Ranges.

Where we meet, what we do

We meet monthly in the Brisbane area, usually in the Woodford or Glasshouse Mountains area to hold a journey circle* or a yarning circle*

We meet weekly on Zoom, to connect and share teachings and meditation.

We meet for Law teachings with Elders

We meet to hold Sacred Ceremony based on an interpretation of Australian First Nations Lore

We are honored to have a working relationship with the Jinibara people who are the traditional land owners that includes Woodford, north of Brisbane wth who we will be offering cultural teachings and crafting workshops for us.

* A journey circle usually include a walk or a hike, often in the evening, to a 'sacred' spot to hold ceremony

* A yarning circle is a general get together, usually including a fire and food

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