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Shoes have Sole

Shoes, they have personality, they take us places, they enable our experiences. Shoes are a vehicle for our journey, and we have different shoes for different paths. Shoes have a story. In a song, Ry Cooder he said, “If shoes could tell where they’d been, when you say you’ve been visiting a friend….”

What’s interesting is that shoes also have a sole……

Shoes as an example of body, soul, spirit….. becomes an interesting metaphor

The Sole (Soul) of the shoes, that’s where the rubber meets the road, the soul takes all the knocks and wear and tear pretty much records the road traveled (kind of) in its wear pattern. (you can tell a lot about the wearer from the wear pattern on the sole of a shoe)

Shoes are chosen by the wearer for their function and, they express personality. The top bit (the upper), that’s the bit you see every day, it expresses your style – how straight-laced you are, or not … Your color, shape and a few scuffs along the way. The upper, that’s the body, but without a soul…. It’s not very functional. So, in this analogy, you’re the shoe – with a body and a soul.

Then, there’s the one who’s wearing the shoe…. the wearer is Spirit…. using these shoes (your body) as a vehicle for experiences in this (your) lifetime. Does Spirit have just one pair of shoes?? Of course not, and neither do you, you have different shoes for different experiences and each experience is recorded in your mind and remembered even after the shoes are worn out (dead). So Spirit has many bodies – past (and future) lives - for different experiences and each experience is recorded in Spirit and remembered even after you’re dead.

What about Higher Self?, well, as you collect experiences in different journeys, you become more wise and more well-traveled, as does your Spirit as it experiences more and more lifetime journeys and, as all of these journeys exist side by side – just like the shoes in your cupboard – so the collective consciousness of all of the experiences and wisdom of Spirit are available by simply asking the owner of the shoes…..

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