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'The ascension matrix' is your definitive guide to connecting with your authentic self in this time of ascension.....

"If you are reading this, then it is certain that you are called to develop your spiritual gifts and talents. Perhaps as a healer, perhaps as a light worker, perhaps simply to be a light to those around you.

At the very least, you're looking to understand the mystery of this day and age and perhaps to manifest the live you'd love to live.

You are a Master of Creative Spiritual energy; a point of Divine consciousness on a mission with a purpose. On entering this world, it was imperative that you forgot who you were…. the veil between the worlds was purposely darkened to allow you to enter fully into this existence.

Now is the time for the veil to be lifted, and for you to come into alignment with your true purpose".

Understanding the ascension matrix is your first step to claiming your power; to creating the life you love.

The Ascension Matrix is a channeled book that is the definitive source of knowledge for those who wish to understand the world beyond the veil.

As I really want to share the work with you now, I'm releasing the chapters as audio books via live reads on zoom and, releasing the the recordings as they become available....... you can be a part of this exciting journey

How did the book come about?

Last year, I ran a course in Spiritual Mastery with a select group of people. The content of the course enabled those who attended to understand and navigate the multidimensional world of spirit.

But there was more to it, more depth, more detail.......

That course has now been written as a series of channeled chapters of a book; "an autobiography of future dimensions of time" and the first part of that work is called, "the ascension matrix".

However, I have been told that it is important to release the knowledge as I receive it. So, I have commenced a series of recorded zoom calls to present each chapter. The calls are recorded so you can catch up with past chapters where necessary, however most chapters will be able to be received live so you can join in the group energy.

You can join live, or request the recording however, it is necessary to listen to the first chapter - the wizard's den - before you join a live session.

What is it about?

In "the ascension matrix" you will be guided on a magical journey back in time to the last ascension cycle to see what played out and how it set the scene for the current struggle we are witnessing at this time on Earth.

It's about the current cycle of time as the Earth moves through the precession of the equinoxes.  It's about the resurgence of Spiritual consciousness that we are attuning to.  It's about the resistance that is working against your quest for knowledge.

If you ever wondered why there is such resistance to positive change; this work will explain it to you.

You'll meet all the players in this ascension matrix; the Pleiadians, the Lemurians and understand the agenda of the Reptilian overlords.

The current world agenda will start to make sense as you follow the story, you'll understand the true nature of dimensions, octaves of time and the evolution of Spirit.

You'll follow the stories of those who came before and have returned as guides and of those who are navigating ascension for the first time.  You'll learn the true nature of the forces behind religion and world politics.

SOUNDS GREAT! Sign me up and send me more information

Here's a preview of the recording of the first chapter  - "the wizard's den"

to access the full recording, please enter a donation via the link below...once I receive your order I will send the recording link via email.  Thank you

Live listener's  VIP bonus'

Live listeners are those who are on zoom with me when I present a chapter.
  • Live listeners will have the opportunity to ask questions about the work
  • You will also have access not only to the recording of the reading but also of the original channeled content (as it's mainly a channeled writing, the channeled audio gives you the raw material as it is downloaded).
  • And, as a live attendee, you'll get a copy of the full text, once it is edited.

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