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walking the line

Self-explanatory; an expression of my journey through life at a spiritual level.

I have always felt as though there was one foot in the realm of spirit and the other foot in this 3D world. A delicate balance is required, like walking a tightrope. But there are jewels of growth and knowledge along the way.

Within the positive there are always dark thoughts sneaking in to challenge me to live a life of love, and yet when walking in the spirit world I am whole, I am me, complete. I do not require challenges, for the dark is complete of itself. I hold the light, the pure energy. No doubts, no fears, no lessons, just be.

There is no time in this state of being, just connection to source complete, where all things are possible. I cannot stay there very long before needing grounding back here on Mother Earth...essential really, otherwise it would be so easy to stay there in bliss, surrounded by love, seeing such beauty, without a care in the world, literally.

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