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Dreamtime Healing is a uniquely effective modality that acknowledges that we are Spiritual beings living an earthly reality.

The world's indigenous people's worked in harmony with the Earth and with all lifeforms, acknowledging Spirit within all living things.  Through this understanding they were able to heal the body, mind and Spirit.

Dreamtime Healing draws on this knowledge to effectively clear any issue that you are dealing with......


I'm Martin Worth,

I’m a heart-based, intuitive healing practitioner


I use a range of modalities based in Dreamtime Healing that are extremely effective in clearing any issue that you’re dealing with.


Whether emotional, physical or situational, I can assist you to 


heal and 

move on 

to live the life you love.....


Use the link below to book a free phone consultation to discuss your situation.


Don’t wait, you’ve got 

nothing to lose and 

everything to gain

by getting clear and getting on with life. 


So contact me now for a free consultation. 


Be well

Past Life Regression     Soul Retrieval     Ancestral Healing     Entity Removal     Energy Healing     Chakra Balance

The Mystic Fool is a Podcast where we explore spiritual concepts and popular spiritual beliefs. I would imagine that if you were drawn to this website that you're seeking to connect to your authentic self; your essential nature, seeking happiness and the peace that comes from within. Click on the image to see the Mystic Fool on Spotify


My YouTube channel has some great meditation and instructional videos and also hosts all of the mystic fool podcasts. Click on the image to take a look.

tranquility circle is a weekly ’on line’ guided meditation suitable for anyone who wishes to connect with Spirit. We meet on-line each Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time (Australia) Please click on the image above for more information,


If you'd like to have a chat about Dreamtime Healing, just click on the image to book a free call. For 15 minutes or so, this one's on me. Blessings Martin Worth

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In the tradition of indigenous peoples world wide, I acknowledge Spirit; the life force within every sentient being.

I acknowledge the ancestors, those who love us unconditionally.

I acknowledge Australia's First Nations People on who's land we dwell. 

I acknowledge the Jinibara people of the Woodford area and surrounds and their Elders, past, present and future.

I acknowledge Uncle Ken MacKenzie (an initiated Adnyamathanha Elder) and I thank him for welcoming me to country and giving me his permission (as a non-indigenous person) to pursue Dreamtime Healing practices.

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