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This was my first and immediate visual upon asking for Lemurian assistance with healing a persistent shoulder pain. Surprising for both Martin and myself.

Obviously, Pompeii. Martin could see exactly what I could, which was most astounding.

There I was, standing on a hill watching the lava and ash from the volcano engulfing the town, killing everyone in its path. I was devastated, for these were my people. I was gasping for air and the emotions flooded me. I could not help them. All I could do was watch them all die. I should have been able to help.

I did warn them, but the priests called me a witch and turned the people against me. I retreated to my cave on the hillside. Martin asked me to talk to my former self and send the knowledge I have share higher self-awareness and knowing.

She/I turned to look me in the eye and thanked me. At last she could assist those people to ascend/transition, instead of being trapped under all that lava and ash. I became aware of my own transition then as that person even as toxic fumes engulfed me. This had been my soul purpose, to assist with the ascension of souls. I had shouldered the responsibility and guilt of failure for lifetimes, yet in this healing transition, I was empowered to free them.

I now name this healing technique, ‘the intervention’

PS: One week later a news report on scientists finally identifying DNA from a victim.


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