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Atlantis...This one I remember so well, like it was yesterday.

I was just leaving my home to go to work at the ‘Pleasure Palace’. When I stepped into the street, I could see the lightening and hear the deafening noise and the earth lifted and fell, cracking open from the scientists’ temple. I thought that finally they had gone too far with their experiments with the immense 'crystals'. In their grasping for more power. They thought they were gods.

I watched as buildings and people were sucked into the abyss opening up at my feet and I could see the ocean welling up into a huge wave heading right towards us all. I could not help anyone, not even myself.

Originally in my remembrance of the event...I was just angry, thinking…’this isn’t fair!’

Now I see it differently, I felt love and compassion for my neighbours and the clients I had helped in my occupation, and for the children who were innocent victims of the scientists’ greed. I did not feel this before our intervention.

PS: Archaeologists are finding many underwater cities around the world which may one day be proven

to be Atlantis.

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