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The sacrifice

Since the intervention in Pompeii in gaining knowledge from my higher self from now, all of the past life memories are changing. I find this fascinating, and not sure what this process can be or it’s possible uses. This is one of the changed scenarios.

My original memory entailed me being dragged up the steps of the pyramid to be sacrificed. I was an acolyte from the temple of virgins, 12 years old. The person who dragged me up there was a ‘black robe’ priest. (I have met that same person here in this life)

When I drew the picture, the face of the man had changed and I was being gently led, being made aware of my role to gain access to the imprisoned souls beneath. I was made aware of my higher self now, having been given reassurance that this was my soul contract.

It is a possibility that the man in the robes was Taliesin.

Recognised as part of our intervention

When I had drawn this picture, I realise there was a piece of drawing paper under this one...a blank one.   what was underneath was the greater revelation….. revealed in the next page

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