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Terra-forming the new Earth

This is one of my earliest earthly embodiments, perhaps the first as human. (or am I the dragon?)

After ‘the flood’, the landscape was flat, like the ocean bottom with a few stark island peaks jutting out of the mud and turbid ocean. We had to terra-form the land into something much more presentable for the remaining inhabitants. This was a multi-galactic task, using the skills from every star system possible. We called in the dragon energy, for their power in transforming matter is without equal.

Memory crystals revealed the landscape in all its beauty from before the devastation, like a road map, an architectural schematic to follow and repair the environment. It took many teams to achieve the best we could; thankfully, dragons live a very long time. Many of the people saw this happening and have created historical records or dreamtime to keep the memory alive, of all that was achieved.

We made a beautiful world, did we not?

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