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The Wedding Carriage Revealed

This drawing I began first when applying this memory, not the original.

As I began drawing, I was at first aware of potent rage, screaming anger at the woman stepping from the carriage into the arms of MY husband!!! I had decided to hurt this woman as punishment...even the horse can see the whirling anger above her head and below her feet. It was ME who was the rider in the first impression!

Was this also a result of our intervention?

I now believe so. As I realised this part of the healing process, to face my darkness and extreme emotions which could transcend death and affect life in another time. Both positive and negative are forces of energy to be understood and reconciled.

I asked for forgiveness of both the woman and her husband and also of myself and even the horses...all had played a part in my lesson. And my healing. I thank all.

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