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the 4 directions and their guardians

This drawing represents my thinking/brain interpretation of the core elements which are acknowledged at the beginning of the meditation (as it is in pagan or any shamanic practice)

Geo-mathematical interpretation of North (guardians of the north-air or wind); South (Earth or Gaia); East (Fire or Sun); West (water or moon); and last but not least, Aether (spirit or the glue that holds it all in balance), greeting these elements as part of ourselves and acknowledging all creatures, entities and creative parts of those specific realms. Every modality or religion recognises the necessity for remembrance ‘from whence we came’.

Respect and gratitude are an entry ticket.

This is an important part of meditation, not for permission to enter but to acknowledge all of our guardians and communicate our intent. The symbolism within the drawing is significant, I feel.

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