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the mechanism of seeing in the ethereal

As you can see, I drew this a while ago, trying to understand how traveling to other dimensions was possible. It is interesting that this equates with light receptors and nerve connections in the eyes for interpreting this 3D dimension.

Even touch sensations in hands and fingers are included because I can see energy vibrations as colors plus flow direction within the type of healing/diagnostic to help people in distress or pain. I do this with my physical eyes closed…. just as one does in meditation or remote viewing.

The light receptors are not going to the brain directly but are connected to the pineal gland, often called ‘the third eye’, then to the brain for clarification or interpretation of the visual perceptions.

I have no idea how others reach that state of deep meditation or what it looks like for them. For me, it is immediate on intent with the added bonus of being able to take notes and sketch while still in that state. I am alert at all times for any negativity or entities which may try to interfere while we are vulnerable… (my interpretation).

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