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the release

This is my representation of Release of the souls from the pyramid through a portal of light.

The sheer and utter joy of all these trapped souls can be seen exploding through the darkness into the light, ascending at long last. How long have they been held against their will? Perhaps thousands of years, seemingly forever trying to get passed the webs of deceit, the lies of distraction, the temptations of material things, the loss of self-awareness, the loss of vital energy as they were fed upon by the incubi of the false gods. They were led to believe they were less than the self-appointed priest class who thought to appease the gods who had left, and that the gods would return and bring abundance and peace.

First the sacrifices were foods, then animals, then the purest of innocent children. It is no different now. Blood sacrifice to the gods continues to this day.

Now, each of my past higher selves understands what needs to be done, to release the trapped souls...even today.

I believe this soul release is a result of our intervention at Pompeii where I first learned of my lifetimes missions.

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