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Spanish Armada

Another of those…’this isn’t fair’ scenarios.

What a battle! I love the sea. I was the second mate in the most amazing sea battle ever. Our guns blasted the enemy ships as we were able to sail swiftly around...the maneuverability of our ships won the day. The crew worked tirelessly, responding instantly to my commands as we circled the huge ships...they were too cumbersome. Signals came from the command vessel that the day was won, and the enemy were scuttling and abandoning ship to save themselves from fire and capture.

So many souls drowning in the rough seas...a storm had come out of nowhere, sinking many smaller craft. We started taking on water and then a ship on fire rammed us and another fired on us, hitting the spar bringing down our rigging. I needed to save the crew (not my original concern), who had worked like a well-oiled machine throughout the whole battle.

The helmsman stayed at his post regardless of the screams of men being engulfed in flames. He was trying to steer us into safer water to save as many as possible. Men were abandoning ship as ordered. I heard a yell over the cacophony of splintering timbers and raging fire, wind and roaring ocean, the crew were diving for their lives, avoiding getting caught in the ropes and sails. A huge crack snaked around the main mast where I was standing. I tried to hold it in place, but it was weighted down with miles of ropes and canvas and rigging.

I could not save the crew, I could not save my ship, I could not even save myself. So unfair after winning the battle to lose it all!!!

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