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A European Village

This memory has now changed as well.

All I remembered was the pain and anguish of being raped by men who wore strange leather clothes and had weapons. They spoke with harsh guttural sounds. They then killed me. I knew all the women of the village were dead and I was about to join them in that special realm of spirit.

Following are my new memories since the intervention.

I was away from the village where I was learning herblore from the wisdom keepers who lived all together, teaching, preparing salves, birthing babies and caring for the sick and elderly. They believed in the old ways of Mother Earth.

Families from all over sent their daughters to our village to learn about the forest, the plants, the elementals, the sacred places and the power of this energy. I was out in the forest gathering plants and foraging the edibles when I smelled smoke from the direction of the village. I could feel a strange energy also from that direction. I ran through the trees to see and hear the roaring flames from the screams, just guttural male voices coming my way.

I ran, then saw a man slip into view pointing a way to escape through a portal in the trees.

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