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The castle

This is the first dream I remember having as a small child, maybe 4 or 5 years old. It recurred right through my childhood.

Not quite. Some of the details have changed since the intervention.

Originally, my awareness was narrow to, my husband and I were standing on the moat of the castle which was burning behind us. Our people were being held below and some were burning at the stake. We knew that death awaited us whichever way we decided to go. I thought that we had done our best and this was still the result. We weren’t afraid because our faith in God and his mercy was all we needed. The brothers of the new church of Rome were there to meter out the death sentence for our beliefs.

When I was drawing this picture, I noted a few changes occurring, that the woman was pregnant, one of the brothers was pointing to something under the moat, and a boat appeared in the water. I felt a jolt as a decision was made to save her and the babe by pushing her off the moat ramp. Was this me? I felt it all, including the pain of the sacrifice my husband had made to save us both.

 Oh...and the man with the scrolls escaped into the trees.

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