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This is a strange but comforting environment; one I have felt many times before.

I chose this one especially, full immersion. It is so warm and slippery, movement so easy. The thrumming of blood in the umbilical cord sending me all I need. The thud-ump sound surrounding me with vibrational energy.

Then it seemed just like the blink of an eye and I was not.

After our intervention…

I recall that I had little self-awareness, but now I am fully engaged in the experience.

I thought ‘toxic’ as the reason to leaving so quickly, before being born. I felt the difference in energy coming towards me in my safe place...

I thought. The cord back to soul/spirit was still attached so the journey was not shocking as usual. I think mother died too...a lot of people did but nothing I could do this time around...I think.

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